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The Reason Why Conveyancers Are Cheaper Than Property Lawyers

The Reason Why Conveyancers Are Cheaper Than Property Lawyers

The Reason Why Conveyancers Are Cheaper Than Property Lawyers

Generally, property conveyancers are cheaper than property lawyers or solicitors. This is because a conveyancer is usually not qualified to provide any other form of advice, other than those to do with conveyancing. Solicitors, on the other hand, have a more broad range of knowledge and can offer advice in other areas of law, which may be related to conveyancing. For example, if you are selling a property which forms part of an estate, then the solicitor can offer advice on the conveyancing as well as the estate. Solicitors will also be able to recognize non-legal issues such as tax implications and refer you to an accountant if necessary.

Whether you use the services of a conveyancer or solicitor for your conveyancing depends on your financial situation and your personal preference.

Generally, if a property being purchased is a first home and the purchaser is low on funds, then they usually would use a conveyancer. If the property being purchased is an ‘upgrade’ and of high value, then generally a solicitor is used as there is more risk associated with the purchase.

In many instances, a solicitor will be used because the solicitor holds the original certificate of title and many find it much easier to use this solicitor rather than transferring the title to a conveyancer. Solicitors usually have steel safes which hold a large amount of important documents such as certificates of title. Conveyancers generally do not have such safes as they generally do not hold important documents on their client’s behalf and so many clients prefer to stay with the solicitor who holds their title rather than risk transferring the title to an environment which may not offer the same security.

At the end of the day, the choice between a conveyancer or solicitor depends on the individuals concerned and their circumstances and the nature of the convayncing transaction. Just because all of your friends have used conveyancers (or solicitors) does not mean that you should also use conveyancers (or solicitors). If you feel comfortable with a conveyancer, are on a tight budget and don’t expect personalised service, then conveyancers are for you. If you want more one-on-one attention and the transaction is expected to be a difficult one, then a solicitor should be used.


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